Website Not Open in BSNL Broadband –Solution

Many BSNL Broadband users reporting they are not able to open many website in BSNL broadband connection.I too had the  same problem and finally solved the issue and would like to share the issue of some websites not opening in BSNL Broad band connection. Before fixing the problem I had issues accessing website like yahoo,Google,Facebook site opening problem in BSNL broadband connection.

If you need solution for any of this issues refer the below steps to solve the issue you are facing that is  “Many website not opening in BSNL broadband connection “issue.Here is the solution and the modem configuration details. Now it is 100% working.The below configuration is for Netgear 150 DGN1000 Model. 

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Open your Browser – Internet explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome any one.
Type the Modem or Router URL in the address Bar
(this you can find backside of the Modem you use)
[Everything shall be correctly configured in your Modem -Makesure MTU SIZE is set properly-Important]
For Net-gear Configuration it is
Enter the username: admin
Enter the Password:  password (these are the default settings)
Cancel the Firmware Update progress
Select SETUP:- Basic Setting
Does your Internet Connection Require Login:- Yes
Encapsulation:- PPOE (PPP over Ethernet)
Login:- your telephone number
Password:- password provided to you
Internet IP Address:- Select the IP dynamically or Get dynamically from ISP
Domain Name Server (DNS) address:- Use this DNS Server
Primary DNS:-
Secondary DNS:-

NAT (Network Address Translation)
Leave all other settings as it is and Give Apply
In Adsl Setting
Multiplexing method:- LLC Based
DSL MODE:- Auto (MultiMode)

In Wireless Setting
Wireless Network
Name (SSID): Your Name Given By Service Provider (Example XXXX_BSNL)
Region: Asia
Channel: 0      
Mode: g&b 
Wireless Access Point
Enable Wireless Access Point:- Click Enable
Allow Broadcast of Name (SSID):-Click Enable
Wireless Isolation:- No(Disable)

Wireless Station Access List        
Security Options
WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)
WPA-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key)
WPA2-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 with Pre-Shared Key):- Select this if WI FI router used

WPA2-PSK Security Encryption
Network Key (8 ~ 63 characters):- Give 8 digit Password (this will need to connect PC through WIFI)
This is very important Configuration if some website not opening issue faced in your PC.
Please do the below setup carefully to solve the issue
WAN Setup
Connect Automatically, as Required:- Enable
Enable PPPoE Relay:- Disable
Disable Port Scan and DOS Protection:- Disable
Default DMZ Server        ...:-Provide the IP or leave as it is
Respond to Ping on Internet WAN Port:- Enable
MTU Size (in bytes)         :- 1430
Disable SIP ALG:- Do not Select

Now apply the setting and open the browser and try to access the website now all website will be accessible.MTU Size should be 1430 if this is changed, you will face the issue. Great day everyone!

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  1. Many people visting this site ;if you have any specific question please do let me know in comments here i will post answers for you.

  2. i want to know the tips for zyXEL p-660HN-TIA type modem .i cant open many website through this modem pls reply me.i am using bsnl broadband

  3. Hi ZyXEL ;Can you please contact me to my email ID.

  4. the provided DNS doesn't either work...:-(

  5. Hi Joseph stalin the DNS may vary as i have given in the post check the MTU SIZE in bytes.

  6. Anonymous04 July, 2013

    hey do i need to vary mtu size in my pc's too along with router?

  7. Only in router you have to change the MTU Size.

  8. Anonymous24 July, 2013

    ok Thanx :D

  9. Thanks a lot for your valuable information!! ;)

  10. Board ID: 96338W
    Software Version ID: V53.4.01.01
    Firmware Version: 1555_070607-3.08L.BSNL_02.
    Bootloader (CFE) Version: 1.0.37-8.7
    Wireless Driver Version:

    LAN IP Address:
    MAC Address: 00-08-5c-9c-f9-4e
    Default Gateway:
    Primary DNS Server:
    Secondary DNS Server:

    the data mentioned above is discription of my modem
    facing the same problem how to change MTU size

  11. thanx!!! MBMCB my problem has gone by your advice. keep it up


  13. Never Trusted it !!!! But it really did work !!! Thank you

  14. Thanks for your information.......

  15. Thanks a Ton man ... changin MTU settings and DNS workes .... :) was struggling a lot .... you are awesome :)

  16. For MT841 Modem can u help how to solve this issue

  17. thanks buddy its work ...

  18. Dear Uday,utkarsh pls write me to marxcbabu at gmail i help you during Saturday and Sunday.

  19. I'm using the same model Netgear 150 DGN1000 Model. None of the website works for me if i give MTU size as 1430. Currently its configured as 1492 and half of the websites are working. Please help

  20. Realy good. and work properly

  21. I just take BSNL internet. My company's website CRM is not working in BSNL Intenet connection. but whn I connect any other net setter thn CRM is working properly . Anyone have solution thn plz let me know.

  22. thanxxxx broo. it worksssss

  23. i have bsnl internet and intex modem ......but facebook,yahoo and many website is not open

  24. Sir Can you guide me? I am frustrated with meddling all settings:

    Board ID: 96338W2
    Software Version ID: V89.2.01.01
    Firmware Version: 3.12L.BSNL_01.A2pB023k.d20k_rc2
    Bootloader (CFE) Version: 1.0.37-12.1
    Wireless Driver Version:

    LAN IP Address:
    MAC Address: 00-1e-40-d5-20-66
    Default Gateway:
    Primary DNS Server:
    Secondary DNS Server:

    And I am unable to configure DNS Settings in router because, I found no option to do so. It is Nokia Siemens ADSL2+ Wifi Router. Pls guide.

  25. it worked but now my net is disconnecting help plz

  26. IT WORKED ! but now my net is disconnecting help plz

  27. I have a modem model no - TDSL300W2..Can u help me out plz?

  28. I have modem model no WA3002G4 wi-fi and in menu, i cannot find any setting where i can change MTU. please help me ... let me know if you need more details.

  29. Hi Gunvant please search in google this "How to change MTU settings for modem model no WA3002G4" then you will get.Please let me know if you still not getting it.

  30. Thanks a lot Buddy.
    My Brother and dad were complaining about this issue for almost a year now and couldnt fix it.Yesterday after seeing your post,i tried the MTU Settings and it fixed the issue.I had earlier complained BSNL about this issue and as usual it was of no use.Thanks a lot

  31. Thank you. This problem has been dogging me for a long time. Solved with your help!

  32. Thanks dude page not opening problem solved,but my wifi is not working in mobiles how can i solve it

  33. Dear Kailash please do the setting in your mobile
    Go to WIFI setting --> add network --> Add SSID and security password and select the WIFI router SSID then it should work

  34. Changing mtu to 1430 solved the problem of paytm app which was not working properly. But still, I am unable to connect snapdeal app....pls help in resolving this issue.....thanks a lot for partial resolution....

  35. Hi Mehta Please refer the below link and try differrent MTU SIZE also few other info given here.Good Luck.

  36. I am using ZyXEL P-660H-T1v3s model type router. i am facing the same issue many of the sites were not opening i.e.,,, etc
    could you please help me out trough this problem thanks in advance

  37. thanks a lot. your solution worked on my computer.

  38. good afternoon, c
    can you pl solve the problem. I am only getting 250KBPS on a connection of 2MBPS. The plan is of BSNL.

  39. Many thanks to you!!

    I changed MTU to 1430 from default 1492 and allow ping response on internet port. This seems to have fixed it. Earlier I couldn't get onto HDFC bank netbanking (netbanking only, the rest of the bank website worked okay) as well as Clash of Clans.



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