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Here i try to give what i have learnt so far.After so many days of research i found the way to give stock market technical charts update in this blog with good technical indicator.Here are some of the good indicator that one can use for analysis.To know more about how to use this indicator follow the blog and post.

Learn Practice Binary Option Trading Risk invloved Practice in Demo account before live~ BINARYOPTION

“General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.”
Learn Binary Option Trading -Practice in Demo account before you take live Account
~ Try any time at your Free Time~
“General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.”

With good knowledge and training on the binary options trading by practicing in demo account initially ,people can learn the price movements and candles formation .Once in demo account you familiarise how to trade and how the binary option market works you shall try it in live real account .Please note that proper money management ,right entry and exit ,when to take call option and put option and the expiry time should be known to avoid mistakes while doing the trading in real account.
The above is my affiliate link .If you wish to open an IQ account ,use the above link that will redirect you to demo account creation page.

Click on the above link given On the Right TOP side corner Registration link available (GREEN Color ) and Register yourself with username, password. Before depositing your hard earned money first try with demo account. Steps are given below.Money involves risk so please be very careful with you hard earned money.

1. Create your Demo account By clicking *REGISTER* Button(Link is above).
2. Now Login using your Username and Password
3. Let the browser open the application, Once loaded you would see virtual currency in your demo in your practice account for practice.
4. CALL and PUT button available right bottom side, practice by clicking CALL or PUT and see yourself how it works.
5. After you familiarize with the steps and confident enough to start your own real account, deposit as minimum as 10$ that is near to 600Rs and do the same in real account what you have done in practice account.Depends on the right entry the returns will follow.If you make mistakes there is a chance of blow your account so be careful.
6. You can do independently after well practice in the demo account.
7. It is 24hours,365days open and as per your convenience you can spend 1hr,2hr,1 day but before train yourself well before the real money is being into the account for trading
8. Some of the video how it is working the links are given below. First register yourself and then try seeing the video to learn more.
9. My Affiliate Link
 *Android,Apple Application *
“General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.”

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Image Link to Account studty the risk before you proceed

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Here are the top performing mutual fund in India .One can invest in this mutual fund in SIP method to create a long term wealth.The investment period should be minimum 5-10 Years.Happy investing! Happy Money Harvesting.Returns given below are in annualized return in percentage(%)

STOCK CALLS -Buy this for week period and Get Profit from This stocks:

CEAT Target Achieved CLARIANT Target Not Achieved GLAXO Target Not Achieved Following are the stocks will be giving good profit in one week period of time.Buy on Monday 20JUL2015 and close the position before Wednesday.No stoploss trigger required. 
20JUNE2015 update buy price not come opened at 745 went upto 770 today.

20JUNE2015 SELL 850 occurred tomorrow once can book the profit at 820

20JUN2015 opened at 6500 buy chance not met

BRITANNIA -SELL THIS STOCK To Make Profit-100% Accurate Call

Britannia is one of the stock call which is technically weak so one can go short to make good profit.The call is given for 18th March 2013 Monday.Target period is of 20days.Refer the below chart of its trend.


Every human being in this world trying different methods to earn money to satisfy their own or their family needs.People make money in different way,Some do the work hard and earn money;Some make others to work hard and earn money and the third category seek how my money will grow if i am investing in money market.When we talk about investments,there are many instruments lying behind the investment world.

There are few familiar investment methods 1.Investing in Land or House 2.Investing in Gold 3.Investing in Share and Derivative Markets. The first two investments are more liked by everyone as it is thought to be simple and safe but it has it's own limitation.Investing in Share Market needs little effort and periodic update about the day to day occurrence in Market and knowledge about the sector in which the investment is made,especially need to have good tracking on the company in which we have invested.Sometimes due to so many factors planning,tracking and focusing on investments might not happen properly from everyone which tend to make our investment to return losses.From the above we all can understand investing in share and derivative markets has it underlying risk if we do not have sufficient methods and knowledge to tune it to take profit from it.

What is a finest way to invest in Market with low risk appetite,Mutual fund is one of the way to invest in market with low risk factors.To simplify the Mutual fund and its investing style -Mutual fund are the fund houses who collect money from public investors and the money collected will be invested in various instruments by specially appointed fund managers of the fund house.The responsibility of the fund manager is to identify the correct instrument for investment and investing in the same so that returns will be as expected.And the returns and total sum collected from public will be accounted every day and based on the total number of investor and total investment net asset value(NAV) will be updated every day.The no of unit allocated to the investor and the NAV of the fund will give the total worth of our investment .From this once could calculate whether our investment given positive or negative returns.Since we do not directly involve in identifying the sector and investment the risk is prone by the fund house and fund managers always look forward to generate good returns to the investor.

Mutual fund investments gives two way of investment 1.One time investment 2.Systematic investment plan.In the  next post both investment will be studied.


Birth is our opening balance,death,our closing balance,prejudiced views are our liabilities,creative ideas and good deeds,assets.heart is our current asset ,SOUL ,our fixed asset,brain,a fixed deposit,thinking,our current account.goodwill and achievements are our capital;character and morals,our stock-in-trade,friends,our general reserves,values and behavior,our goodwill.patience is interest earned,love,our dividend,children,our bonus issues,education,a brand,blood is liquid fund,knowledge is our investment.profit and loss is karma earned.


Here is the list of stock announced bonus in 2012.Please do remember Ex-Date is the date share will not be eligible for bonus and shares bought before Ex-Date will be eligible for bonus.Refer this post to know about Ex dividend date and Record Date information.

Symbol Company Face Value(Rs.) Purpose Ex-Date Record Date
SEINVEST S.E. Investments Limited 1 Bonus 3:1 18-May-10 19-May-10
IVRCLAH IVRCL Assets & Holdings Limited 10 Bonus 1:2 20-May-10 21-May-10
RALLIS Rallis India Limited 1 Bonus 1: 2 08-Jun-10 09-Jun-10
INFOTECENT Infotech Enterprises Limited 5 Bonus 1:1 10-Jun-10 12-Jun-10
WIPRO Wipro Limited 2 Bonus 2:3
And Final Dividend Rs.6/- Per Share
15-Jun-10 16-Jun-10
KWALITY Kwality Dairy (India) Limited 1 Bonus 5:7 15-Jun-10 16-Jun-10
PANORAMUNI Panoramic Universal Limited 5 Bonus 5:1 21-Jun-10 22-Jun-10
STER Sterlite Industries ( India ) Limited 1 Bonus 1:1
And Face Value Split From Rs.2/- To Re.1/-
21-Jun-10 22-Jun-10
RSSOFTWARE R. S. Software (India) Limited 10 Bonus 28:100 21-Jun-10 22-Jun-10
KANSAINER Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited 10 Bonus 1:1 23-Jun-10 24-Jun-10
ORBITCORP Orbit Corporation Limited 10 Bonus 1:1 29-Jun-10 30-Jun-10
NESCO Nesco Limited 10 Bonus 1:1 20-Jul-10 21-Jul-10
ZENSARTECH Zensar Technologies Limited 10 Dividend Rs.5.50 Per Share And Bonus 1:1 21-Jul-10 -
ECLERX eClerx Services Limited 10 Bonus 1:2 23-Jul-10 26-Jul-10
MMTC MMTC Limited 1 Bonus 1:1 And Face Value Split From Rs.10 To Re.1 29-Jul-10 30-Jul-10
ITC ITC Limited 1 Bonus 1:1 03-Aug-10 04-Aug-10
EDELWEISS Edelweiss Financial Services Limited 1 Face Value Split From Rs.5/- To Re.1/-
 And Bonus 1:1
10-Aug-10 11-Aug-10
HCC Hindustan Construction Company Limited 1 Bonus 1:1 10-Aug-10 11-Aug-10
ZENITHBIR Zenith Birla (India) Limited 10 Bonus 1:5 11-Aug-10 12-Aug-10
AEGISCHEM Aegis Logistics Limited 10 Bonus 2:3 18-Aug-10 20-Aug-10
ZODIACLOTH Zodiac Clothing Company Limited 10 Bonus 1:2 23-Aug-10 24-Aug-10
CERA Cera Sanitaryware Limited 5 Bonus 1:1 02-Sep-10 03-Sep-10
NRBBEARING NRB Bearing Limited 2 Bonus 1:1 03-Sep-10 06-Sep-10
KABRAEXTRU Kabra Extrusion Technik Limited 5 Bonus 1:1 06-Sep-10 07-Sep-10
BAJAJ-AUTO Bajaj Auto Limited 10 Bonus 1:1 08-Sep-10 10-Sep-10
DABUR Dabur India Limited 1 Bonus 1:1 08-Sep-10 10-Sep-10
TVSMOTOR TVS Motor Company Limited 1 Bonus 1:1 08-Sep-10 09-Sep-10
PDPL Parenteral Drugs (India) Limited 10 Annual General Meeting/Dividend Rs.2/- Per Share/Bonus 1:3 13-Sep-10 -
GILLANDERS Gillanders Arbuthnot & Company Limited 10 Bonus 1:2 14-Sep-10 15-Sep-10
RESURGERE Resurgere Mines & Minerals India Limited 1 Annual General Meeting/Bonus 2:1/Face Value Split From Rs.10/- To Re.1/- 15-Sep-10 -
KARURVYSYA Karur Vysya Bank Limited 10 Bonus 2:5 16-Sep-10 18-Sep-10
NAUKRI Info Edge (India) Limited 10 Bonus 1:1 27-Sep-10 28-Sep-10
TI Tilaknagar Industries Limited 10 Bonus 2:1 28-Sep-10 30-Sep-10
BLKASHYAP B. L. Kashyap and Sons Limited 1 Bonus 1:1 / Face Value Split From Rs. 5/- To Re. 1/- 29-Sep-10 01-Oct-10
BIRLACOT Birla Cotsyn (India) Limited 1 Bonus 1:5 29-Sep-10 01-Oct-10
HAVELLS Havells India Limited 5 Bonus 1:1 08-Oct-10 11-Oct-10
BIRLAPOWER Birla Power Solutions Limited 1 Bonus 1:5 20-Oct-10 21-Oct-10
JINDALPOLY Jindal Poly Films Limited 10 Bonus 1:1 22-Oct-10 25-Oct-10
SAVERA Savera Industries Limited 10 Bonus 1:1 25-Oct-10 26-Oct-10
ZEEL Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited 1 Bonus 1:1 11-Nov-10 12-Nov-10
HITECHGEAR Hi-Tech Gears Limited 10 Bonus 1:1 01-Dec-10 02-Dec-10
ELGIEQUIP Elgi Equipments Limited 1 Bonus 1:1 14-Dec-10 -
POLYPLEX Polyplex Corporation Limited 10 Bonus 1:1 23-Dec-10 25-Dec-10
ASTRAMICRO Astra Microwave Products Limited 2 Bonus 1:2 30-Dec-10 31-Dec-10
SELAN Selan Exploration Technology Limited 10 Bonus 1:10 31-Dec-10 03-Jan-11
TULSI Tulsi Extrusions Limited 10 Bonus 1:10 (Record Date Revised) 07-Jan-11 10-Jan-11
ONGC Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited 5 Bonus 1:1 And Face Value Split From Rs.10/- To Rs.5/- 08-Feb-11 09-Feb-11
SREINFRA SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited 10 Bonus 4:5 (Pursuant To Scheme Of Amalgamation) 10-Feb-11 11-Feb-11
HEXAWARE Hexaware Technologies Limited 2 Dividend Rs 1.40 Per Share / Bonus 1:1 24-Feb-11 25-Feb-11
HINDZINC Hindustan Zinc Limited 2 Bonus - 1:1 And Face Value Split From Rs. 10 To Rs. 2 07-Mar-11 08-Mar-11
NATIONALUM National Aluminium Company Limited 5 Bonus 1:1 And Face Value Split From Rs.10/- To Rs.5/- 15-Mar-11 16-Mar-11
SANWARIA Sanwaria Agro Oils Limited 1 Bonus 1:1 07-Apr-11 08-Apr-11
KSBPUMPS KSB Pumps Limited 10 Bonus 1:1 18-Apr-11 19-Apr-11
ONMOBILE OnMobile Global Limited 10 Bonus 1:1 03-May-11 04-May-11
CMC CMC Limited 10 Dividend Rs.20/- Per Share And Bonus 1:1 08-Jun-11 -
MANAPPURAM Manappuram Finance Limited 2 Bonus Shares In The Ratio Of 1:1 09-Jun-11 10-Jun-11
TITAN Titan Industries Limited 1 Bonus 1:1 / Face Value Split From Rs.10/- To Re.1/- 23-Jun-11 24-Jun-11
RAJPALAYAM Rajapalayam Mills Limited 10 Final Dividend Rs.7.50 Per Share
And Special Dividend Rs.7.50 Per Share/Bonus 1:1 (Purpose Revised)
13-Jul-11 -
ASHOKLEY Ashok Leyland Limited 1 Bonus 1:1 02-Aug-11 03-Aug-11
DHANUS Dhanus Technologies Limited 10 Bonus 12:5 29-Aug-11 30-Aug-11
INDNIPPON India Nippon Electricals Limited 10 Bonus 2:5 20-Sep-11 21-Sep-11
CUMMINSIND Cummins India Limited 2 Bonus 2:5 20-Sep-11 21-Sep-11
NITINFIRE Nitin Fire Protection Industries Limited 2 Bonus 5:2 22-Sep-11 23-Sep-11
ENTEGRA Entegra Limited 10 Bonus 4:13 26-Sep-11 27-Sep-11
JOCIL Jocil Limited 10 Bonus 1:1 27-Sep-11 28-Sep-11
ZODIACLOTH Zodiac Clothing Company Limited 10 Bonus 1:2 27-Sep-11 28-Sep-11
VASWANI Vaswani Industries Limited 10 Bonus 1:4 29-Sep-11 03-Oct-11
MONSANTO Monsanto India Limited 10 Bonus 1:1 05-Oct-11 08-Oct-11
JISLJALEQS Jain Irrigation Systems Limited 2 Bon 1 Dvr : 20 Eq Shares 08-Nov-11 09-Nov-11
AMTEKINDIA Amtek India Limited 2 Bonus 1:1 21-Nov-11 22-Nov-11
DPSCLTD DPSC Limited 1 Bonus 22:1 And Face Value Split From Rs.10/- To Re.1/- 15-Dec-11 16-Dec-11
KPIT KPIT Cummins Infosystems Limited 2 Bonus 1:1 13-Mar-12 14-Mar-12
MINDACORP Minda Corporation Limited 10 Bonus 1:1 27-Mar-12 28-Mar-12
OIL Oil India Limited 10 Bonus 3:2 29-Mar-12 31-Mar-12
OPTOCIRCUI Opto Circuits (India) Limited 10 Bonus 3:10 29-Mar-12 31-Mar-12
VAKRANSOFT Vakrangee Softwares Limited 1 Bonus 1:1 And Face Value Split From Rs.10/- To Re.1/- 12-Apr-12 13-Apr-12
SUNDARAM Sundaram Multi Pap Limited 1 Bonus 2:1 13-Apr-12 16-Apr-12
INDOCO Indoco Remedies Limited 2 Bonus 1:2 And Face Value Split From Rs.10 To Rs.2 17-May-12 19-May-12
INVENTURE Inventure Growth & Securities Limited 10 Bonus - 3:1 22-May-12 23-May-12
NAUKRI Info Edge (India) Limited 10 Annual General Meeting/Dividend-Re.1/- Per Share/Bonus 1:1 22-Jun-12 -
HERCULES Hercules Hoists Limited 1 Annual General Meeting/Dividend Rs.3.50 Per Share/Bonus 1:1
(Purpose Revised)
11-Jul-12 -
GABRIEL Gabriel India Limited 1 Bonus 1:1 12-Jul-12 13-Jul-12
JYOTHYLAB Jyothy Laboratories Limited 1 Annual General Meeting/Dividend Of Rs.2.50 Per Share/ Bonus 1:1 12-Jul-12 -
BPCL Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited 10 Annual General Meeting/ Dividend Rs 11/- Per Share/ Bonus 1:1 13-Jul-12 -
MICROTECH Micro Technologies (India) Limited 10 Bonus 1:1 17-Jul-12 18-Jul-12
CASTROL Castrol India Limited 10 Bonus 1:1 04-Sep-12 05-Sep-12
IMPAL India Motor Parts and Accessories Limited 10 Bonus 1:1 10-Sep-12 11-Sep-12


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