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Wealthgeo.com Aims to provide Financial Market update ,Option Trading ,crypto currencies trade update ,Forex trading and Feature and option trading updates to help in terms of investment ideas ,area for investments ,technical stuff related to financial markets for making wealth. After years of research i found the way to share financial market fundamental and technical info updates in this website. To know more follow and subscribe to this website.

๐Ÿ’šAuto Trading Bot Setup Guide๐Ÿ’š Auto Order Auto Take Profit ,Stops,Reversal,Trailing Management ๐Ÿ’ฏ

Hello Everyone ,The Long Waited Auto Bot Trading Setup Is Ready for Commissioning Now.

What this Bot will do ?

  • Alerts Through Web-hook shall be placed as an order in Exchange.
  • Automatic position Management like ,Buy,Sell,Stop Duplicate Buy or Sell
  • Automatic Safe Stop Loss order placement
  • Auto Take Profit ,Stop Loss,Trailing Price , Trailing Reversal Check 
  • Bot shall run 24/7 ,Restart may be needed 2-3 days once.
  • Web-hook are handled locally hence no need of Connector like Autoview, 3Comma.
  • Auto Position Close based on the Price Move
  • Option to test in TEST account or in Real Account
  • User Can Choose Trail Price,Take Profit ,Stop Loss price in Percentage

Let us Go to the Set up Now, What do we need ?:

  • The Application (Exe) that will do this Job.
  • Tradingview Account to trigger the Alerts (Buy and Sell).
  • Web-hook Alert handler (Free,low cost connector like Ngrok,Localtunnel will work).
  • Chrome Browser window in open state.
  • Registration in the Exchange [Test Account or Real Account] Any one is Ok.
  • User Inputs in the xls file before you start the Application Exe

How to obtain this Auto Trading Bot ?:

At present this package is being provided based on direct request to me .
Reach me over telegram mobile application ,there i will forward the it. https://t.me/wealthworldmajic.

To know more about the Indicator that can be used for Auto Trading you can be part of this channel

Note : The system will work only in Windows based operating system now.

๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ฎOnce you get the Package unzip and store it in a desired location of your choice.
For illustration example i have kept all the files in AUTOBOT_WEALTHWORLD folder that is under C:\AUTOBOT_WEALTHWORLD

⏩Make sure you have registered Crypto Exchange account using this referral link:
For test account https://test.deribit.com

⏩Now go into the folder and open this excel file C:\AUTOBOT_WEALTHWORLD\userdatainput.xls ,there will be two sheets "Sheet1" and "Template" .Template is just for Reference . Any update you should do in Sheet1 only. All Green Fields In the B column cells are the Mandatory Fields to be updated before you run the Application(Exe) .Make sure this excel is updated and saved.

⏩If you use Test account for checking this ,please make sure this example setup is made

Exchange URL https://test.deribit.com/api/v2
Deribit Key 1JC8ucGX
Deribit Secret code am_SrlGffH2DrC5UK1p8qW-OAFY4tim6i98BUXjDf0M
Fee_Rate 0.75
StopLoss(in percentage) 0.5
TakeProfit(In percentage) 1
TrailingPoint(InPercentage) 0.3
Dynamic_tp_sl_change_input_in_percentage) 0.25
trailtoNonTrailReversalPointCheck(%) 0.125

⏩If you use Real account for trading this ,please make sure this example setup is made:

Exchange URL https://deribit.com/api/v2
Deribit Key 1JC8ucGX
Deribit Secret code am_SrlGffH2DrC5UK1p8qW-OAFY4tim6i98BUXjDf0M
Fee_Rate 0.75
StopLoss(in percentage) 0.5
TakeProfit(In percentage) 1
TrailingPoint(InPercentage) 0.3
Dynamic_tp_sl_change_input_in_percentage) 0.25
trailtoNonTrailReversalPointCheck(%) 0.125

⏩The Deribit Key and Deribit Secret Code can be taken from your account
            Test : https://test.deribit.com/main#/account?scrollTo=api  or
            Real :https://deribit.com/main#/account?scrollTo=api

Note: Exchange URL is  https://test.deribit.com/api/v2 for test https://deribit.com/api/v2 for the real account.
Enable the 2FA (Google Two Factor Authentication)to safeguard your account from Hacking.

⏩Make sure this you set :account:read  block_trade:read custody:read  trade:read_write wallet:read 

This will make sure your account is protected and except for Trade other option is Read only.

Now the Basic Setup is almost Ready...................
⏩Note: ticker is BTC-PERPETUAL for BTC trading , ETH-PERPETUAL for ETH trading,you can choose any supported instrument ticker from the exchange.
⏩Fee_Rate will not have any effect as of now ,Free to choose
⏩StopLoss(in percentage) ,Note this is in percentage % that means if you had taken long at 10000 then the 0.5% will be set as 9950.if you wish more SL you can change the percentage from 0.5 to any number.
⏩TakeProfit(In percentage) ,Note this is in percentage % that means if you had taken long at 10000 then the 1%
will be set as 10100 as take profit.
⏩TrailingPoint (In Percentage) ,Note this is in % that means if you had taken long at 10000 then the 0.3% will be set as 10030 as trailing.This means once this point is reached the Stop loss will be moved from 9950 to buy price that is 10000 and new take profit will be moved to 10130.
⏩Dynamic_tp_sl_change_input(in_percentage) ,This will decide the price window gap setting of SL,Take profit and Trailing price once the Trailing is reached . you can set this default as 0.25% and if needed vary it.
⏩trailtoNonTrailReversalPointCheck(%), Note the important think ,what is this,Example if a price reached above trail that is 10030 and then 10040 then suddenly comes below 10030 in this case position close will not happen until price goes back to 0.125% of trail that is 10017.5 (Trailprice -0.125%) this is to protect the swings.
⏩In the Folder C:\AUTOBOT_WEALTHWORLD\ngrok.exe just open this a command prompt.
⏩Now type this and enter C:\AUTOBOT_WEALTHWORLD>ngrok http 80
(Note this is free version so it will run for 7hrs and then Webhook URL will be changing,To getting permanent URL you can buy this from Ngrok.com for 5 Dollars per month or use any webhook end point to localhost one that serves the purpose) .The below kind of screen you will see.

please make sure you have set this up properly.

๐Ÿงopen a chrome browser and paste this url(From your command screen) in the browser and enter (Not to copy this please)

A page will open with url name as this .It is good and it is.
๐ŸงNext step we need to configure the Tradingview web hook for Buy and Sell.
๐ŸงFrom the same ngrok.exe command window  you see  like this as shown below in example
"Forwarding"              https://1c03f9219d6f.ngrok.io
๐Ÿงcopy this and add /get_me at the end of the url example if your url is https://tradeauoto.ngrok.io then the url will be https://tradeauoto.ngrok.io/get_me this is the webhook url ,place this url in the tradingview.com webhook in alert section. Note Same URL for Long/Short Alert or for any alert.
๐ŸงNow we need to set two alerts one for Long and One for Short . No TP,SL,Trail ,Close order needs(Need not) to be set as this will be taken care by the BOT.

๐ŸฆœFor Long : In the Message Box Paste this as it is:In Tradingview Alert including the braces.

"instrument": "BTC-PERPETUAL",
"side": "buy",
"quantity": 1500,

๐ŸฆœFor Short: In the Message Box Paste this as it is:In Tradingview Alert including the braces.

"instrument": "BTC-PERPETUAL",
"side": "sell",
"quantity": 1500,

๐ŸฌWe are almost done ,We are at the Final Step. The Alert has set in the Tradingview.com & Webhook is configured from the url come from ngrok.exe with /get_me added to it. So everything is set up.

The Final Step:
Locate the Real BOT Exe  C:\AUTOBOT_WEALTHWORLD\LBLS_Dynamo_tsl.exe open this in command prompt.(Let other command prompt that is ngrok.exe run seperately,This in new command)

Let the chrome browser be in open so that alert will be processed coming from TV.

Let the Ngrok.exe is open and running as shown in the above screen shot(it should run 24hrs).

Now whenever order is placed from the Tradingview, the order will be executed in the Deribit exchange.Note if Buy after Buy comes or Sell After Sell comes no two order will be executed . Only one buy that is first come will be ordered .This will avoid over size buy or sell.

if a program is successfully running you will see this in the command window,There from everything is auto managed.Give it a Try.

 * Serving Flask app "LBLS_Dynamo_tsl" (lazy loading)
 * Environment: production
   WARNING: This is a development server. Do not use it in a production deployment.
   Use a production WSGI server instead.
 * Debug mode: on
 * Restarting with stat

 * Debugger is active!
 * Debugger PIN: 329-414-6
 * Running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)

After Order is placed automatically below will be shown

{}!!!Dear Traders!!!  'LongBuyLongSellIndicator + Dynamic Profit Application'                   { }
{}!!!Have a Blessed Time and Profitable Trading Ahead!!!                                                       {}
{}!!!Welcome to LongbuyLongSellIndicator & Dynamic Trailing profit System!!!.                {}
{}                                                                                                                                                  {}
{}Indicator Info :https://www.tradingview.com/script/jU78tzAr-LongBuyLongSellIndicator/ {}
{}##LBLS## Trade details https://t.me/longbuylongsellindicator in telegram.             {}
{}Contact me @telegram https://t.me/wealthworldmajic !!!                                    {}
{}                                                                                                                               {}
{}!!!The LBLS indicator and ProfitSystem is a work of the author.!!!                    {}
{}!!!No Copy and reselling of this product is allowed in any means.!!!                  {}
{}!!! @@@ !!!!                                                                          {}
{}RELEASE Info: Version "Beta Test Version:V1.4 "Date:29-Nov-2019                       {}
{}RELEASE Info: Version "Beta Test Version:V1.5 "Date:06-JAN-2020                       {}
{}RELEASE Info: Version "Beta Test Version:V1.6 "Date:07-JAN-2020                       {}
{}RELEASE Info: Version "Beta Test Version:V1.7 "Date:22-JUN-2020                       {}

This program will run till 31/8/2020
[please wait Auto Dynamic profit&Trail SL will start Shortly] [Follow my Telegram Details Above]

once the position is established the following will run and manage the auto trading on its own.
*********processing the Alert*********
1 BTC-PERPETUAL buy 1500 9476
Right buy Initiating Orders:
closing_current_running_position to take any new order:

CANCEL ALL ORDER DETAILS in Live before Taking New Orders:
BUY order In Progress:
Set SL order for the Long Position order:
{'jsonrpc': '2.0', 'result': {'trades': [], 'order': {'web': False, 'triggered': False, 'trigger': 'mark_price', 'time_in_force': 'good_til_cancelled', 'stop_price': 9410.0, 'replaced': False, 'reduce_only': True, 'profit_loss': 0.0, 'price': 9410.0, 'post_only': False, 'order_type': 'stop_limit', 'order_state': 'untriggered', 'order_id': 'SLMS-3007843', 'max_show': 1500, 'last_update_timestamp': 1592838685559, 'label': '', 'is_liquidation': False, 'instrument_name': 'BTC-PERPETUAL', 'direction': 'sell', 'creation_timestamp': 1592838685559, 'api': True, 'amount': 1500}}, 'usIn': 1592838685558820, 'usOut': 1592838685560314, 'usDiff': 1494, 'testnet': True}
LongCMP: 9477.17 {+}ExpRev(s)ersedTP(Long): 9572.275 ,{-}ExpSL(Long): 9430.1125 ,{*}TrailPrice(Long): 9505.9325
LongCMP: 9474.67 {+}ExpRev(s)ersedTP(Long): 9572.275 ,{-}ExpSL(Long): 9430.1125 ,{*}TrailPrice(Long): 9505.9325
LongCMP: 9475.17 {+}ExpRev(s)ersedTP(Long): 9572.275 ,{-}ExpSL(Long): 9430.1125 ,{*}TrailPrice(Long): 9505.9325
LongCMP: 9475.35 {+}ExpRev(s)ersedTP(Long): 9572.275 ,{-}ExpSL(Long): 9430.1125 ,{*}TrailPrice(Long): 9505.9325
LongCMP: 9475.95 {+}ExpRev(s)ersedTP(Long): 9572.275 ,{-}ExpSL(Long): 9430.1125 ,{*}TrailPrice(Long): 9505.9325
LongCMP: 9475.32 {+}ExpRev(s)ersedTP(Long): 9572.275 ,{-}ExpSL(Long): 9430.1125 ,{*}TrailPrice(Long): 9505.9325
LongCMP: 9475.4 {+}ExpRev(s)ersedTP(Long): 9572.275 ,{-}ExpSL(Long): 9430.1125 ,{*}TrailPrice(Long): 9505.9325
LongCMP: 9475.16 {+}ExpRev(s)ersedTP(Long): 9572.275 ,{-}ExpSL(Long): 9430.1125 ,{*}TrailPrice(Long): 9505.9325
LongCMP: 9475.29 {+}ExpRev(s)ersedTP(Long): 9572.275 ,{-}ExpSL(Long): 9430.1125 ,{*}TrailPrice(Long): 9505.9325
LongCMP: 9475.16 {+}ExpRev(s)ersedTP(Long): 9572.275 ,{-}ExpSL(Long): 9430.1125 ,{*}TrailPrice(Long): 9505.9325
LongCMP: 9475.18 {+}ExpRev(s)ersedTP(Long): 9572.275 ,{-}ExpSL(Long): 9430.1125 ,{*}TrailPrice(Long): 9505.9325
LongCMP: 9475.22 {+}ExpRev(s)ersedTP(Long): 9572.275 ,{-}ExpSL(Long): 9430.1125 ,{*}TrailPrice(Long): 9505.9325
LongCMP: 9475.42 {+}ExpRev(s)ersedTP(Long): 9572.275 ,{-}ExpSL(Long): 9430.1125 ,{*}TrailPrice(Long): 9505.9325
LongCMP: 9475.28 {+}ExpRev(s)ersedTP(Long): 9572.275 ,{-}ExpSL(Long): 9430.1125 ,{*}TrailPrice(Long): 9505.9325
LongCMP: 9474.87 {+}ExpRev(s)ersedTP(Long): 9572.275 ,{-}ExpSL(Long): 9430.1125 ,{*}TrailPrice(Long): 9505.9325
LongCMP: 9475.0 {+}ExpRev(s)ersedTP(Long): 9572.275 ,{-}ExpSL(Long): 9430.1125 ,{*}TrailPrice(Long): 9505.9325
LongCMP: 9475.12 {+}ExpRev(s)ersedTP(Long): 9572.275 ,{-}ExpSL(Long): 9430.1125 ,{*}TrailPrice(Long): 9505.9325
LongCMP: 9475.32 {+}ExpRev(s)ersedTP(Long): 9572.275 ,{-}ExpSL(Long): 9430.1125 ,{*}TrailPrice(Long): 9505.9325
LongCMP: 9468.8 {+}ExpRev(s)ersedTP(Long): 9572.275 ,{-}ExpSL(Long): 9430.1125 ,{*}TrailPrice(Long): 9505.9325

once the trailing condition is reached Bot will show this message example:
LongSide TrailingProfit/SL Activated,ProfitOptimizingSTARTs: 9538.88
LongSide:LastTickerPrice: 9539.29
Long:WhenPriceReverse to this TSL will hit: 9514.68457525
LongCMP: 9538.88 {+}ExpRev(s)ersedTP(Long): 9572.9333475 ,{-}ExpSL(Long): 9477.5276 ,{*}TrailPrice(Long): 9506.12131125
{+}LongSLPrice= 9430.1125
{+}LongTPPrice= 9572.275
{+}Long-Liquidation= 32.06

Note : It is good to RESTRART the exe once a day or two to get maximum performance.

๐Ÿ˜Guide on successful "Auto BOT Trading" with the best LBLS๐Ÿ’šPM Indicator๐Ÿ˜

๐Ÿ™Trading by Human is a old Style ,Doing the Trading by the System round the Clock is the New Era!
๐Ÿ‘‰ Lets Begin to See the Step By Step Guide, on How to do the Profitable Auto Trade Setup.
๐ŸคNeedless to Say ,The best in the market indicator LongBuyLongSell (LBLS) & ProfitMaximizer (PM) in here.
(I am sure you will rush to Like ๐Ÿ‘ these indicators right down the corner below the indicator and sure you will write me in Private Chat there to get access)
  1. To let system do profitable trading 1st & foremost criteria is best Indicator,LongBuyLongSell and ProfitMaximizer  here.
  2. To perform trading Manual / Automated a Reliable Exchange is the Next Criteria ,Here are List you can register for Free,This is unique links where you get Trading fees discounts as you will be under my referrals.
  3. We need a Bridge that would connect the Indicator Generating Signal and the Exchange for Automating the Trades
  4. The best and Reliable Platform which gives Trading Signal ,We are Lucky here as we found it already where our best of the best LongBuyLongSell Indicator is in cloud.
➽what is next ,make sure you get access to LBLS and PM Alert version as listed in 1st step above.

Registration Links:

The LongBuyLongSell(LBLS) Powerful indicator for All Market All Tickers

LongBuyLongSell(LBLS)Indicator by MarxBabu on TradingView.com and Suitable for AUTO BOT Trading ,BEST in all TimeFrame ,All Tickers ,All Market Globally

BINARYOPTION "Binary Options Trading" Beginner Guide to "Binary Options Trading"- Learn Practice for successful Binary Trading

“General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.”
Learn Binary Options Trading -Practice in Demo account before you take this in live Account
     ~ Try any time at your Free Time~
Try this to Register a Free demo Account :http://tinyurl.com/h4fd9b2

“General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.”
With good knowledge and training on the binary options trading and by practicing in demo account initially,people can learn the price movements and candles formation .Click the image to open demo account which is absolutely free practice account.
Once in demo account you familiarize how to trade and how the binary option market works you shall try it in live real account,Brokers today providing very easy to use platform and buy and sell to trade the binary options.

Please note that proper money management ,right entry and exit ,Correct BinaryOptions expiry time setting,Prediction of price movement using technical indicators or fundamental support resistance level is the key to success in binary option trading.when to take call option and put option and the expiry time should be known to avoid mistakes while doing the trading in real account.
The above is my affiliate link .If you wish to open an IQ account ,use the above link that will redirect you to demo account creation page.
Click on the above link given On the Right TOP side corner Registration link available (GREEN Color ) and Register yourself with username, password. Before depositing your hard earned money first try with demo account. Steps are given below.Money involves risk so please be very careful with you hard earned money.
1. Create your Demo account By clicking *REGISTER* Button(Link is above) or try here
2. Now Login using your Username and Password
3. Let the browser open the application, Once loaded you would see virtual currency in your demo in your practice account for practice.
4. CALL and PUT button available right bottom side, practice by clicking CALL or PUT and see yourself how it works.
5. After you familiarize with the steps and confident enough to start your own real account, deposit as minimum as 10$ that is near to 600Rs and do the same in real account what you have done in practice account.Depends on the right entry the returns will follow.If you make mistakes there is a chance of blow your account so be careful.
6. You can do independently after well practice in the demo account.
7. It is 24hours,365days open and as per your convenience you can spend 1hr,2hr,1 day for binary option trading but before train yourself well before the real money is being into the account for trading.This will be a good opportunity who want to use their weekend time on trading.
8. Some of the video how it is working the links are given below. First register yourself and then try seeing the video to learn more.
9. My Affiliate Link
Click here to Try Demo Account http://tinyurl.com/h4fd9b2
*Android,Apple Application *
“General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.”
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You shall also become affiliate partner with broker.Each member register using your affliate and trading a small share of profit will be credited in your account .To Join the affiliate program try this by clicking the below image.

Website Not Open in BSNL Broadband –Solution

Many BSNL Broadband users AIRTEL WIFI users, ACT Fibernet users reporting they are not able to open many website in BSNL broadband connection.I too had the  same problem and finally solved the issue and would like to share the issue of some websites not opening in BSNL Broad band connection. Before fixing the problem I had issues accessing website like yahoo,Google,Facebook site opening problem in BSNL broadband connection.

If you need solution for any of this issues refer the below steps to solve the issue you are facing that is  “Many website not opening in BSNL broadband connection “issue.Here is the solution and the modem configuration details. Now it is 100% working.The below configuration is for Netgear 150 DGN1000 Model. 

[Dear Followers -This post is read by more visitors;you may have specific questions to ask to solve some problem-Please add your doubts in COMMENT section.Expect your feedback too.] 

Open your Browser – Internet explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome any one.
Type the Modem or Router URL in the address Bar
(this you can find backside of the Modem you use)
[Everything shall be correctly configured in your Modem -Makesure MTU SIZE is set properly-Important]
For Net-gear Configuration it is
Enter the username: admin
Enter the Password:  password (these are the default settings)
Cancel the Firmware Update progress
Select SETUP:- Basic Setting
Does your Internet Connection Require Login:- Yes
Encapsulation:- PPOE (PPP over Ethernet)
Login:- your telephone number
Password:- password provided to you
Internet IP Address:- Select the IP dynamically or Get dynamically from ISP
Domain Name Server (DNS) address:- Use this DNS Server
Primary DNS:-
Secondary DNS:-

NAT (Network Address Translation)
Leave all other settings as it is and Give Apply
In Adsl Setting
Multiplexing method:- LLC Based
DSL MODE:- Auto (MultiMode)

In Wireless Setting
Wireless Network
Name (SSID): Your Name Given By Service Provider (Example XXXX_BSNL)
Region: Asia
Channel: 0      
Mode: g&b 
Wireless Access Point
Enable Wireless Access Point:- Click Enable
Allow Broadcast of Name (SSID):-Click Enable
Wireless Isolation:- No(Disable)

Wireless Station Access List        
Security Options
WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)
WPA-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key)
WPA2-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 with Pre-Shared Key):- Select this if WI FI router used

WPA2-PSK Security Encryption
Network Key (8 ~ 63 characters):- Give 8 digit Password (this will need to connect PC through WIFI)
This is very important Configuration if some website not opening issue faced in your PC.
Please do the below setup carefully to solve the issue
WAN Setup
Connect Automatically, as Required:- Enable
Enable PPPoE Relay:- Disable
Disable Port Scan and DOS Protection:- Disable
Default DMZ Server        ...:-Provide the IP or leave as it is
Respond to Ping on Internet WAN Port:- Enable
MTU Size (in bytes)         :- 1430
Disable SIP ALG:- Do not Select

Now apply the setting and open the browser and try to access the website now all website will be accessible.MTU Size should be 1430 if this is changed, you will face the issue. Great day everyone!

Note: Your little more feedback about this issue could help me to investigate further and to provide solution for all kind of internet issues.
Please visit 
https://www.marxcbabu.blogspot.com   for more information on various topics.

You can write any query,info,suggestion,details etc in the below link ;It is easy and user friendly.The same available in the main page of this website (Refer the right side links).


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